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Australia January 10 2011 00:38Posts: 8
I don't know if everyone knows about these but the gosu coaching sessions tend to get recorded and put up around the place, I found links on TL forums:

This one is PvZ from Incontrol. I found it really helped. (2hrs long):

Australia January 10 2011 15:47Posts: 305
I watched this yesterday and i thought it was really useful as well.

imho the most useful part is when incontrol is playing and talking about why hes doing certain things, which is the second game i think.
Canada January 11 2011 16:05Posts: 132
Cool thanks, I'll definatly check this out :)
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Australia January 27 2011 18:54Posts: 8
Here's a similar thing for PvT:

And this guy teaches a pretty solid opening build for toss, I've used it quite a bit:

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