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United States January 10 2011 10:35Posts: 5
I have never been able to execute these properly. Can someone who knows how to do effective baneling drops describe the process? How do you get the banelings to unload while moving? In as much detail as possible please.
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Australia January 10 2011 11:11Posts: 393
Yes i would also know how to do this i think it has something to do with queueing up commands check on Team liquid :)
United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 10 2011 13:27Posts: 619
It requires a lot of micro.

When you have your banelings loaded into your ovies, you hold on to the 'shift' key while you press 'd' around the areas you want to drop. However, don't select all your ovies in one group, and do that, because then you 1 ovie will drop 1 baneling at a time. Try to separate your ovies into 3 groups, and do that for each group of ovies.

However, your timing has to be really good. Too early, your overlords will get sniped. Too late, and your army will die before your banelings can assist.

If I was doing baneling drops, I would probably hotkey each group of ovies, do the 'shift, d' ordeal, then attack-move my army.

I don't normally do it though because I'm not that good at it though. Havn't practiced it enough. NEWSWRITER
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 10 2011 14:55Posts: 427
Have the overlords with the banelings in them selected and right click behind terrans army then press d and left click the overlord and repeat until you have pressed d and left clicked every single one of your overlords with banes in them.
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Australia January 31 2011 01:20Posts: 225
In easier to read words:
1) Select an overlord
2) Tell it to unload behind the Terran army
3) Immediately tell that same overlord to unload on top of itself

The result is that the overlord will unload on the move. Obviously, you can replicate this by just repeatedly clicking on the Baneling icons whilst the overlord is selected, however it requires more effort.

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