Zerg vs Terran on Lost temple

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Australia February 08 2011 21:21Posts: 393
This map... This stupid cliff on the stupid natural... what can I do, I've had a few terrans just thor drop my cliff or even worse build a base up there (a bunker and 2 turrets).

I open mutas constantly on this map just because of the cliff which is fine, I can do that. The problem is that mutas don't pop out in time to intercept the thor/medivac. Then when they finally pop i can't really get enough of them to safely kill the thor.

Thoughts? opinion? discussion?
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam February 08 2011 21:37Posts: 1000
Scout the tech ASAP, and try a roach or bling bust
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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam February 08 2011 22:42Posts: 619
I thought I had a rep but it seems I didn't save it :(

You need to prepare yourself for any type of harass that other players can use against you given the map. For example, on Xel'Naga Caverns you always have the risk of P or T harassing your mineral line at your 3rd expansion from the cliffs.

With that being said, you need to prepare ahead of time to counter that possibility. You already done that by going for the quick muta but what else can you do? You can place an overlord outside of his main and sacrifice the overlord to get as much intel as possible. If you see a factory with a tech lab and a starport you can tell yourself, "Ok there's the possibility of him dropping the cliff at my nat, what can I do to delay it?". Be aggressive at his choke. Place overlords between the cliff at your natural and his main so you can see when the medivac is beginning to move out. Place a spine crawler at the edge of natural just to DELAY the push until you get your muta's out.

And if you see that your natural is nowhere to be saved, abandon it, dont waste units, pull back, and expand somewhere else. More than likely, I always see a Terran expand behind that cliff drop. IF he does, you should be safe expanding somewhere else.
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam February 09 2011 01:39Posts: 427
You can just go for much earlier mutalisks and rely more heavily on spine crawler defence because of the small choke.
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Australia February 09 2011 03:34Posts: 225
Yeah I thought it was just 2 spine crawler micro with queen repair until you have enough mutas. Remember to magic box the mutas.
Australia February 09 2011 23:30Posts: 305

LuckySword wrote:

Scout the tech ASAP, and try a roach or bling bust

the counter to all my tech builds :(

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