New Zerg vs Protoss Style by aquanda

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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam March 01 2011 12:11Posts: 619
Not sure if you guys have been too familiar with Mr. Bitters "12 weeks with Pros" that he has been doing; I know I have shown a few of you Zergies out there his blip channel.

Well anyways last week he had a top 250 Zerg players, aquanda, on the show to discuss his somewhat new and innovative baneling/ling style. It focuses on getting +1 attack very fast, followed by +1 armor, and by the time your +1 armor is done, you will have your lair done and your second evo chamber down, in which you can start your 2/2 upgrades asap.

This build mostly focuses on keeping your opponent under pressure and expanding EVERYWHERE. Since you are spending units on a cheap unit like a zergling, you will have lots of surplus of minerals and allow you to be getting your 3rd very quickly(by the 8 minute mark).

I personally really like this style because I feel this is the way Zerg should be played. This is how it was played in Brood War. Of course there are a lot of timings involved, decision making(especially if your Protoss goes for 2 stargate play), a turtling protoss, etc etc. But why will I answer that when aquanda himself can answer it all for you?

Here is the link to his thread on It includes a reppack of him playing as well as the link to his training session with Mr. Bitter(in the session he plays against a turtling Protoss, Stargate play, and just a normal Protoss, and a 6 gate timing push). If you guys are interested I've attached the link below. Enjoy. NEWSWRITER
Australia March 02 2011 00:30Posts: 393
Sounds interesting Bobo i will check out that vid, but i think my ZvP is pretty solid atm and i don't really want to change it up too much.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam March 21 2011 03:52Posts: 117
im going to check it out right now, im hating the toss atm :/

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