TvZ late game "transitions" with full mech

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Australia March 30 2011 23:24Posts: 305
I have been playing with mech style a lot lately. Something I've found (and noticed in TSL etc) is that the most dangerous zerg unit composition is heavy broodlords (with roaches) in late game.

I realise that I should be looking to start pumping out vikings at some point mid-late game if i scout this tech from the zerg.

I was wondering, what would be a complimentary unit mix on the ground?

Im feeling hellion/thor or hellion/tank but i cant work out which. Or should i just keep making what i can, trying to get a good mix of all? I feel like hellion/tank/thor/viking is going to be too expensive.

Any help would be awesome? i'm just flowing with some thoughts, I haven't been able to work it out yet though.

Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam March 31 2011 15:50Posts: 274
I have literally never met a zerg that will continue with broodlords once you kill them all, because most like to get this 10-15 broodlord swell, thats pretty easy to kill if you are careful. I literally always drop 3 addition starports (making 4, 1 with a reactor). So I can quickly counter it if they try again. Also consider expanding aggressively and build redundant orbitals for scans and mules, will make scouting their base easy.

Mix wise, save your thors, and add marines (if you are infact going pure mech). But thats stylistic, any combo will do, and vikings will effectively only cut the number of tanks you can make at once, thats it.
Australia March 31 2011 16:56Posts: 305
at this point i usually have no rax, so i cant make marines. I think its going to have to be mass thor/some hellions, and harrass with vikings when the broodlords die. Ive been going back to marine/tank because I cant get mech to work late game T.T
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam March 31 2011 22:17Posts: 274
Lol its hard to get it to be effective hey! I've tried a few times, but most of the time I get crushed so badddd I have tried to replace marines with exclusively thors, that was fun, but very very late game.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 29 2011 04:35Posts: 29
imo if zerg is allowed to get to that stage, they arent being harrassed or pressured enough in the early game... unless they are a insane, calm macro beast that has a fairly high genuine apm and good decision making...
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 29 2011 04:37Posts: 29
i probs shoudnt give too much of my opinion cos i'm not that experienced xD but thats how i see it

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