The ice fisher build

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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 29 2011 01:08Posts: 29
this is a very clever build invented by spanishiwa, a unique and very intelligent grandmaster zerg.

btw its not the best build in close positions, it already mentions that...
Australia April 29 2011 01:16Posts: 393
You know i've been playing with this build for the like 4-5 days or so and i think its pretty good. I take my gas slightly earlier than suggested and i mostly 13 hatch. I haven't followed any of those build orders. I change it up alot on how many spines i need and such. I find that this style is least effective against zerg's because u die to early ling all-ins.

Against protoss it can work but you have to change how the build is going to pan out because infestors aren't so good against protoss they are most effective against terran.

Btw i find this works best on long positions, because u have more drop angles and more time to add spines if your opponent moves out early on.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 29 2011 03:08Posts: 29
absolutely, i improvise on it too, but the core idea is a zerg macroManiac's dream build lol, i was thinking on maps with wider ramps like scrapstation, its better to speed 1st so you can punish a protoss if they try to move out too soon or defend more easily againts any early aggression on shorter distance maps, but on all these new big maps, it could completely evolve zerg gameplay... that early economy boost is ridiculously good if they cant do enough damage early on :D
Canada April 29 2011 16:31Posts: 132
Played against this a few times as P, I think last games I played with Veom were some sort of variation of it, and my usual lay-back macro style gets really hard countered by it I find. I think it can be used pretty effectively against P but as Veom said with less infestors. Once the Z is set up he can really decided where and how to harass which is really annoying since the map control that he sacrificed earlier in the game is now basically given.
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 30 2011 04:57Posts: 29
makes sense to do it in zvz and zvt aswell, but i would use muta instead of rushing for tier 3 units vs T and vs Z i would get incorporate roach and not bother with ling speed, once i get my comp back from repair, i can play with it some more...
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 24 2011 21:24Posts: 376
It's a solid build, I think I'm the only protoss on the SEA ladder who knows how to deal with coz everyone else complains wildly ^_^
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Australia May 25 2011 05:41Posts: 4
To be perfectly honest I'm not a huge fan of this build, nor do I believe it's all that 'new'. Zergs have been dropping fast expos and delaying gas for a long time; this is just a particularly extreme case. Aside from the cons mentioned in the wiki thread, the fact that your ling speed, roaches and/or banelings get delayed by such a huge amount of time removes a lot of the fear that make Terran and Protoss opponents think twice about expanding early game. Allowing your opponent to take that easy expansion (potentially a pseudo-easy third too, depending on how you transition) just grates me too much for me to really embrace this play style.
Australia May 25 2011 14:35Posts: 393
I did this build over a weekend here are the notes i took:

Gas less opening.
13. Hatch (so you don't get hatch blocked)
15. Pool
17. OL
35-40 food take 4 gases.
Double Evo
Baneling Nest

If they are going speedling expand get 2 spines to cover hatch.
Get 2 spines up Asap.

Get baneling nest + speed before infestors.
Ultras seem a good late game choice against marine/tank.
Open mutas against helions

Go roaches vs colosus or some shit
Take 1 gas for zergling speed against 4 Gate
Build 2+ spines once u get gases.

Map specific stuff.
Scrap satation:
get a faster gas to get speed to defend speed
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 25 2011 18:32Posts: 274
Your TvZ was always epic veom, can't wait to bunker rush you

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