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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 30 2011 07:57Posts: 30
Hey guys!

I just played this ladder match with a Protoss and, although I seemingly got myself into a decent start after my first push, I eventually lost the game mainly to (I think) storm and DTs. Obviously I made the mistake of not building a raven. But I went for a MMM build and got absolutely eaten alive by storm from HT. Should I have transitioned into mech? But even then I don't really know much about mech builds, and also I had already dropped 8 rax by that point.

I've attached the replay, so wondering if you guys have any advice as to how I can deal with it? I haven't encountered it that much as I've only played a few ladder 1v1 games so bear with my extreme level of 'noobness'.

scv ready
Australia April 30 2011 17:09Posts: 393
I think you need to be more agressive and not let the protoss tech alot. In TvP you really want to be a base ahead of your opponent. You can also try splitting your mmm ball a bit to counter some of the storms and a raven would have helped ^^.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 30 2011 17:34Posts: 427
If he's going storm then he's not going to have any collosi (until he has 3 or 4 bases). This means that you don't have to make any vikings so you have a lot more gas freed up for GHOSTS which you can use to snipe off individual HT or EMP a bunch of them (this kind of micro is actually a ton of fun to do :D). If you get a good EMP off on his HT then you can basically "1a" and win. Just remember to spread your units out well to minimize the damage that the HT can do. Also remember to run your units out of the storms radius. GL!
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 02 2011 06:26Posts: 274
Nukes. Or Battlecruisers. Trust me, I am pro.

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