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United States May 11 2011 09:48Posts: 91
Since we have had an increase in Protoss players I wanted to know how you all deal with the PvP matchup!! It seems the hardest to me and is deffinetly the one I lose the most! Any put or suggestions?
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 11 2011 17:17Posts: 376
1 base ^_^
Unless you're Artosis, in which case wall your natural off with 6 cannons and mass Archons.

But seriously, it's all about timing with PvP. Getting more units quicker till you can make a very strong push. It's kinda lame and will rarely go to a macro game but if it does just catch your opponents force off guard or build some annoying units like DTs.

I know I keep telling you I will teach you some shit but I never get around to it :P. So the next time we're both on chat me and demand that I show you builds!
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 11 2011 17:26Posts: 1000
Sorry. 'PvP' is too generic for a thread. You need to provide something specific to be the topic of discussion or else the purpose of the thread gets diluted. I'm happy for you to create a thread for any specific issues your questions you have about the matchup, but this thread doesn't seem like it can serve a distinct purpose.

Some examples:
  • 'Is it possible to fast expo safely in PvP?'
  • 'Defensive 4gate vs Offensive 4gate PvP'
  • etc
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