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Canada May 22 2011 15:51Posts: 93
This strategy is most effective against the protoss race. To start this off is, you grab an early expo or spawning pool and mass lings. make sure u gas at the same time to fund your upgrades and mutalisks. You're going to need early gas aswell. If the game goes into the late games, you will need to grab more expos and pump out lings and mutas from all hatcheries. (Produce drones aswell with extra larva.) Keep upgrading and try causing as much economic damage as possible with your mutalisks and scout with them aswell. Make sure to keep away from PSI storms which do eat up the mutalisks. This startegy might fail sometimes but if you feel like it is, transition into ultra/lings. But by then, your opponent may have void rays for those ultralisks. To counter: AIR-Mutalisks. LAND-Hydralisks.
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Australia May 22 2011 23:06Posts: 215
Build is too weak to timing attacks.
Protoss has several builds which will roll u before ur mutas get a chance to harrass their mineral line.
Extremely risky build imo, however if the protoss lets you do it then its quite good.
Australia May 23 2011 04:28Posts: 27
Just from what I've seen in pro replays and obsing masters, alot of protoss are quite happy to just sit on 2-3 base on the larger maps (e.g. Taldarim) and get their death ball - perfectly vulnerable to this build. Idk i'm not a protoss, TERRAN FTW
Australia May 23 2011 04:38Posts: 215
Im gonna disagree with u sniper and say that toss usually does one push first and then goes into campy style
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 23 2011 06:14Posts: 376
Yeah, Toss like to evaluate how their zergy friend is coming along. And you would have to be a mad cunt not to at least TRY and snipe some hatcheries.
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Canada May 23 2011 07:21Posts: 93
I don't really know much about toss but I would agree with Fruit. Toss has to make a push in the early games to try to harras the zerg player so it kind of puts the zerg into a defensive mode for a while.
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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 23 2011 11:56Posts: 619
Wish my dad hadn't given my computer a virus, as I had plenty of reps where my mid-game composition was muta/ling with baneling drops in the mineral line.

The thing is, is that if you decide to go this composition, you need to develop a way to get there. You can't just tech straight to muta/ling; not only is it bad RTS play, but its a not good strategy. A good strategy is safe, secure, and put you AT LEAST in an even playing field.

What I did when I was doing this type of playstyle is that I opened with lings with quick +1 ups. Normal 14gas/14pool opening(you could go 14pool/14gas, don't matter), and pump drones. If you see your opponent expanding, you can take your third, take all 4 of your gases(your going to be REALLY high on minerals), get a third queen to spread creep, and so forth. When your lair is done, your going to make like 2 rounds of zerglings and keep them at the front of your opponents natural, poking and prodding, buying time for your mutas.

Also your drop your baneling nest when you take your 3 gas, just in case of some sort of 4 gate or robo push play.

Once your mutas come out, you harass just like you would ZvT, while taking expansions, getting your 5th and 6th gas up, upgrading ovie speed/ovie drops, harassing with baneling drops on the mineral line, and making TONS of banelings to snipe nexuses. Once you get +2 melee attack, I believe it takes 10-12 banelings to snipe a nexus. You literally have a ball of banelings rolling around the map sniping nexuses.

Very fun style to play but its really risky to 4-6gate early game timings of Toss. But if you have your baneling nest up by the time the 4gate reaches your base, you should be pretty safe. NEWSWRITER
Australia May 23 2011 23:52Posts: 215
u defend 4 gate with banelings bobo??
Canada May 24 2011 04:45Posts: 93
It works only sometimes but not if they already have sentries. ====> force fields
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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 24 2011 17:12Posts: 619

DropFruit wrote:

u defend 4 gate with banelings bobo??

It's not viable in upper level master play(which is why I don't really open bane/ling anymore), but it definitely is possible. You keep your banelings and zerglings dancing around his army. Try to make him burn as MANY forcefields as possible before he gets to your base. NEWSWRITER

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