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Australia November 17 2011 19:57Posts: 393
So I've been looking for something else to do recently, and i think it would be just sick to be able to play like proper songs on guitar. Like when Kade comes into skype and starts playing tribute, i like wanna learn how to do this shit :).

So what kind of gear will i need to start with and where is a good place to start?
United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam November 17 2011 20:05Posts: 619
All you need to learn guitar is a guitar =].

You can grab an acoustic at any local music store around your area. I would recommend an acoustic as they are cheaper than getting all of the gear needed for an electric. When you go acoustic you will want to check out what kind of wood it is made out of as that is the most important. Cedar and Spruce are the best kind of wood out there on the market when it comes to saving money, so I would definitely look for a guitar that has that kind of wood. Brand also plays a big role in it too, as some brands are slowly starting to decline in terms of guitar efficiency and wear and tear(Gibson for example may go out of business because of this). I would recommend Yamaha guitars as they are no more than 200 dollars and are reliable.

When it comes down to learning, your going to need PATIENCE and your going to have to actually want to learn. Because trust me, this shit gets really really really hard really fast. The best thing to learn when your starting off is learning your chords, different strumming patterns, and switching between chords. I don't know how long it took other people, but it took me around 6 months before I could actually do a barred chord, so trust me when I say you need patience and persistence.

That's all you pretty much need. The thing about musical instruments is that once you start getting the hang of it, it begins to get really fun but more challenging as well, so there is always more things to learn. Good luck brah.
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Australia November 19 2011 02:38Posts: 27
Don't get a steel string guitar!!!!!! Nylon until your fingers get tougher :o

And yeah, Yamaha is ftw especially on the cheap end of guitars.
Australia November 19 2011 19:55Posts: 225
Guitar is awesome. I would suggest buying a cheap acoustic (pretty much anything will do) to start off, so you can see if you actually like it or just the idea of it. Better yet would be find/make friends who can play already and borrow/use one of theirs to start off. They can also help with the baby steps involved at the beginning, as when you first start you will barely know which way is up.

As to what to learn - learn what you want to hear! Chords and strumming are great, but if you don't like to hear what you're learning you will lose interest at an early stage and probably stop. I started off playing basic Metallica riffs and that's really what gave me momentum - everything else will come in time.

That's really it. If you do buy a guitar, make sure you buy a guitar stand - that's almost as important as the guitar itself. Without a stand, you will put it back in the bag, in the cupboard, under the bed, in the attic, in the basement or somewhere else. If it's on a stand next to your computer chair, you will play it all the time and progress at a very fast rate. Out of sight - out of mind, in sight - in mind.

Anything else hit us up. GLHF
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam November 20 2011 15:55Posts: 1000
Firstly. Woot. Guitar is fucking awesome.

Whilst I am still a bit of a noobie myself, I think the way I have gone about it has worked pretty well. What Sniper says about not getting a steel string is kind of legit. I only say kind of because to be honest it's not that painful to just ride it out playing steel string 'til you get your calluses. It doesn't really take that long to get 'em.

But still get a nylon string I think because classical guitars (this is the type of guitar that uses nylon strings) naturally have a fat neck. Fat necks are harder to play because your fingers have to stretch further for certain chords, like your C and G and barre chords are going to be a bit harder on the classical fat neck and I think this actually makes you really good a chords.

I started out with an old classical guitar and when I went from that fat neck to the slender neck on my steel string, it just made the steel string feel SUPER easy, and I realised how the classical had helped me get some good dexterity and strength.

The other benefit is that you will be able to find a pretty decent classical guitar (yes, Yamaha is probably your best bet here) for a pretty sick price. Also, if you actually want to play some classical (which is pretty fun imo and the reason I fingerpick), you have the perfect instrument for it.

Also I must echo what Kade says about the guitar stand. They are cheap and you can have your guitar sitting right next to your desk within reach at all times. Nothing beats playing guitar during those slow waits between games on bnet sometimes :)

oh, edit:
I have learned a LOT from this guy, man. His teaching is very clear and methodical, and you can work your way through his classes in order of difficulty. Really, really good website. And free!
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Australia November 20 2011 16:03Posts: 393
Cool thanks for the tips guys, I have a good mate who plays as well, I'm still thinking about it :)
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam November 20 2011 22:59Posts: 117
wew best thread!!, I've been wanting to learn the guitar ever since finishing all the guitar hero's. love rocking out to my favorite songs. dads got all the equipment i need for both electric and acoustic, just been to lazy to start, tho now i have so much fucking time on my hands im starting to think more into it.

so in saying that i have access to both types, which would you guys suggest i learn first ? im more interested in electric because im more of a metal/rock man.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam November 20 2011 23:23Posts: 1000
I would say just start on what you like more. Acoustic is harder than electric in some ways but also electric can be harder than acoustic in some ways. I think acoustic is better for picking up and just playing whenever you want though because there's no setup involved etc so you might be more likely to practice.
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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam November 21 2011 00:01Posts: 619
Acoustic is harder than an electric. An electric guitar you have effects, the amp distortion, and just the basic amplification of the sound that can easily cover up mistakes. An acoustic guitar sounds more crisp, nicer, etc., and sounds so much better than an electric when played correctly, but at the same time, if you fuck up, its much more noticeable.

I would recommend starting with an acoustic. If you get "decent" at the acoustic, you'll realize that an electric is so much more easier and a lot more fun to play with, because you can do these with the electric that you can't do with an acoustic. I played acoustic for 2 years before I ever picked up an electric.

And you can play ANY song on an acoustic that is played on an electric. The only thing that will limit you is either the fret board or the effects that the song you want to learn have, but you can play it all on an acoustic.

IMO: Acoustic > electric when you learn to play.
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Australia January 21 2012 03:18Posts: 393
I finally got a guitar yay :). Bobo helped me out a bit and I have learnt 3 whole chords today. My fingers are fucking sore, but its awesome fun :D
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 22 2012 01:59Posts: 376
Lmao, i can just imagine Jordan playing the guitar... Be like watching a down syndrome play drums. LOLOLOL

Nah <3, you'll be professional guitar player b4 you know it.
I pwn n00bz, and pros too.

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