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Australia December 06 2011 01:30Posts: 1

Name: Brendan
Age: 25
Location (Just country): Aus
SEA and NA Character Name & Code: NA siNi.472
Skype Username (optional): brsinnamon
Steam Username (optional):

Sisters phone number & photo (compulsory... no seriously.): 0410 726 543 =P

Starcraft 2 league: Gold...

Experience with previous games, competitive or non-compeitive: Guild Wars, SC2

Strengths in your Starcraft 2 gameplay: I learn quickly and love sentry play. PvP

Weaknesses in your Starcraft 2 gameplay: PvT, PvZ and I need to learn to macro better.

Have you played compeitively before (This includes any minor SC2 Tournaments)? I played a small tournament during the Beta and one after launch. No major placements.

How often do you play per week? Every day. From about lunchtime to late.

Previous Teams? Reason of resignation? None.

How did you find out about ProxiTeam (state if you were referred by an existing member)? Was referred by ProHan

Why do you want to join ProxiTeam? Aussie, and I know you guys are nice =)

Do you have a Mic & TeamSpeak/Skype? Skype and mic.
If yes, are you willing to talk with us during Clan Wars/Practice Sessions? Yep sure am!

What benefits could you bring to ProxiTeam? Why should we choose you over someone else with equal experience? I am keen to learn and will gladly practice game with you guys even though I'm not at your level. I am easy going and love all modes of SC2. I will provide a friendly practice partner and some extra activity to ProxiTeam.

Anything else you want to mention? (Tell us a lil' bit about yourself) I will be playing alot over these holidays and would love to be apart of what you guys are doing at the moment. I'm a musician and I write music =) (BTW I found this template thanks to ProHan =P)

Do you agree with our Policies & Guidelines? Yeah not a problem!
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam December 06 2011 02:37Posts: 376
Hellooooooooo thar.
I pwn n00bz, and pros too.
Australia December 06 2011 03:05Posts: 393
Hey siNi

Sup mate, come join us in proxiteam channel on NA ! Don't be afraid to ask questions
Australia December 06 2011 06:02Posts: 225

________________________________________NUCLEAR NEWB DETECTED______________________________________ wrote:

Starcraft 2 league: Gold...

We're not bastards, honest. Welcome!
Australia December 06 2011 16:04Posts: 305
very nice application :) what part of aus u from? we need more Sydney people!
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam December 06 2011 17:40Posts: 376
May I just state, that I am actually IRL friends with siNi and he shows amazing potential. He was actually ridiculously good during early SC2 days but hasn't been able to keep up with the meta after taking a long time away from SC2.
So I'd appreciate it if you guys could play practice games with him where possible and give him pointers.

Also, he is under my personal coaching so he'll be a bonjwa fairly soon.
I pwn n00bz, and pros too.
Australia December 07 2011 18:56Posts: 80
welcome :)

look forward to seeing you around the chat channel

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