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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam December 19 2011 20:08Posts: 117
So since i now have a amazing fuck off computer, im going to start looking in to streaming a bit more, because i have hit another plateau in masters and think small hints here and there would be great help along with completely changing my hot keys and mechanics.

and in my journey of trolling the net for info on what to do and what not i found out a few pro gamers actually stream from a laptop while playing on their desktop to avoid sc2 lag, like idra. I have yet to find anything on how to set that up but found this awesome tute on TL for setting up a stream/hd stream, there is also destinys beginners guide to streaming or you can ask the almighty bobo on his stream. brobo uses Xsplit with a few other programs for stuff like in camera webcam.

but yeah i will be testing and tweaking to see how high in quality i can actually go on my shitty Aussie uploads, but yeah thought i would make a post for people that wanted to have a look at it and play around with streams.

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