HotS Released - Roster Cleaned

Posted by WonderBoy on March 11 2013 18:00

Heart of the Swarm is out in SEA, and if I'm correct, is only hours away from release in the US. As promised in the most recent news, there has been a clean-up of the roster. Currently there are 7 members in our roster. If you've been removed as a result of the roster clean-up and believe you shouldn't have been removed, please add yourself to the applicant list and you should find yourself in the roster fairly quickly if indeed you were an active member in the past and intend to be active for HotS.

One thing you might notice is that we still have the applicant system even though the last news item clearly stated it would be removed. I instead would like see how we go with the applications system being monitored regularly by somebody who specifically holds that responsibility (more on that in another news post).

Another thing worth mentioning is that you get a free name change in Heart of the Swarm. Do not include prOxi in your new name. It is not necessary. There is now a clan system built into and so your clan tag is automatically prefixed on your gamer tag. You need to be invited to the clan on in order to have the clan tag, so don't panic if you can't find a way to join voluntarily, someone of authority will need to be online to invite you personally, which at the moment is Waesnok or myself.

I look forward to getting my teeth stuck into Heart of the Swarm with all of you. Personally I can't wait to get into the campaign, and after that, some serious laddering of old.


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Team and site changes incoming for HotS

Posted by WonderBoy on October 30 2012 20:43

As we all know, the Heart of the Swarm BETA is well under way. This means that release is surely not too far away. The Wings of Liberty BETA went for a relatively small duration of 5 months, and the Heart of the Swarm BETA has a lot less base-functionality to test (it was already tested in WoL).

So it's safe to say we're not far away from getting our hands on Heart of the Swarm, and there's no denying that recently there's been quite a lack in activity here on our website. That said, activity hasn't been too bad on itself.

However, some changes are incoming which I think will improve things in general for Proxiteam, and hopefully bringing these changes in on the release of Heart of the Swarm will be a good opportunity to bolster some activity.

The changes I have in mind are:
  • No more applicant system
    The applicant system is good in that it's a good way for a player to put their hand up and say "Hey! I'm interested! Keep your eye on me!"

    But we've found over the past couple of years that what this can lead to is a lot of dudes just putting their name on the list and moving on, forgetting about us, hoping that maybe one day they will just end up on the roster without much effort. That's not what we're about, so we're going to go back to the old method of Proxiteam recruitment and that is - there is no recruitment strategy. We will go quietly about our business and eventually if someone has been hanging around the channel and seems like they've become part of our community and is actually interested in playing the game with (and for!) us, they will eventually find themselves on the roster.

  • Team Roster Clean-up
    The roster is currently full of inactive players, or players who have defected to other factions. The roster will be purged come the beginning of HotS. Players who are active at the end of WoL/Beginning of HotS will remain on the list or be put back on the list very soon after the purge. I want the roster to be a lot more accurate than it has been in the past. No more exceptions for old members. If you're inactive, you're off the list. Activity will be judged by one simple rule. If you played less than 20 games in the previous season, you are off the roster.

  • Management Shuffle
    I am going to start having some discussions with our players and community members regarding primarily the following:
    • What roles are required?
    • What roles do our members (if any) feel they might be able to fill?
    In the past we've just sort of created the roles out of thin air and nominated (instructed) people to fill them. I want some input from as many people as possible as to what kind of management people we need, and if so, who would be the best for these roles provided that they actually want to fill them.

  • Deletion of Facebook Group in favour of Facebook Page
    Groups just aren't as good as pages. And when we have both, our content is being split up, and we have members contributing a lot (like Kade) and their content is suitable for a public facing page but only reaching a few people. The Facebook page will allow us to reach a greater audience and concentrate our social presence in one location.
These changes are ones that I thought must be implemented at the turn of WoL to HotS if we want to freshen up and re-group for the next instalment and be the fun, active team we were in the beginning. Please express your comments if you disagree, and especially if you have input toward any of the questions I suggested.

Thank you.

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Clan War Availability

Posted by Bobotastic on January 13 2012 14:23

Hey guys,

So lately there has been discussion regarding the availability of people to participate in CWs. Yeeeeee!!!!!!! So, I want everyone to WANTS to be a part of CW to post the days and times you are available.

NOTE: For Australians, please post your times in Melbourne time, and Americans, well, theres only like 3 of us so you can post whatever time you want :).

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Happy Birthday Max!!

Posted by Bobotastic on January 10 2012 23:21

Happy birfday to the one and only Max aka prOxi.souL)iO-. This boss right here has put his team on his back SO many times back in the day. Long and old school proxiteam member, this fella is a force to be reckoned with. He makes the ladies wet just with his presence. And when he looks at them, they explode. Literally.

So bring out the kegs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring out the cake!!!!! Bring out the food!!!! BRING OUT THE STRIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRFDAY MAX!!!!!!!! YEEE :DDDDDDDD

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[Clan War] prOxi vs xO Round 2

Posted by maareek on January 08 2012 15:20

This past weekend we had our second clan war against clan xO. It went smoothly and no major issues popped up, save for one instance of a minor misunderstanding regarding a little incident of interracial defilement (apparently commenting on orc's rampaging elven settlements is not a proper discussion topic during a pvz ... who knew?).

As for the results, I'll be giving them in two varieties, short form (first) and long form. When I say long, I do mean long, but I'm writing, so it's 'k.

Short form:
prOxiProhan > xOballerb
prOxiProhan < InfBeyond
prOxiBoldy >InfBeyond
prOxiBoldy >TheAsianDude
prOxiBoldy <xOTian
prOximaar <xOTian
OsPzavcakes >xOTian
OsPzavcakes >Vanek
Long form:

Game one, on Shattered Temple, began with a solid display of good manner and sportsmanship from our own prOxiProhan towards his zergy opponent.

He's just kidding, he loves you. Except no.

Prohan opened with a forge expand build and did nothing to dispel rumors of protoss being the gayest race as he blocked the zerg's natural with a pylon. Sadly, instead of adopting a live and let live attitiude, xOballerb decided to give in to his homophobia and went for a quick kill via baneling bust. In response, Prohan gave the bloated gasbags a finger wag and an "oh no you dinnt," taking the opener for prOxiteam.

Fus Ro Field!

Game two kicked off on Shakuras Plateau with Prohan taking on InfBeyond, a terran, in some cross map goodness. Beyond went for a gasless expansion which Prohan scouted but didn't immediately respond to, giving Beyond an early economic advantage. Beyond immediately tacked on three geysers and teched for cloaked Banshees while Prohan got up to 3 warpgates and a robo. Prohan went blind colossus tech, making largely zeal/sentry and by the time the opening observer scouted the banshee tech, the first plane was hitting the main's probe line, followed almost immediately by a second striking the natural. A combined 17 probe kills left Prohan even farther behind as Beyond added in tanks/marines/more banshees and a raven. After a short pause, terran pushed out and Prohan crashed into it, losing everything and gg'ing shortly thereafter.

From my standpoint, I question going colossi after scouting the base. The robo bay was finished, yes, but still I feel like going tank/templar or using the robo bay to get warp prism speed and harassing with dts or zeal/ht would have been a better choice. Also, it probably wouldn't have made much difference in who won, but if Prohan had held off the last engagement for ~15 seconds, he would have had both zealot speed and colossus range, along with another round of units from the warpgates, which may have made a big difference in that battle.

Game three, on Metalopolis, pitted InfBeyond's reactor helion into cloak banshee build against Boldy's expo into roach/ling rush. But first, some actual good manner!

Everybody loves pedobear!

Boldy's initial attack broke down Beyond's front door, and the ling follow up cleared out almost all of the terran's workers, but Boldy's spores were a little late and a little out of place, leading to his worker line being ravaged by an invisible flyer. At the ten minute mark, the miner count was 17 drones for Boldy and 5 scvs and a pair of mules for Beyond. It's important to note that because of mule imbalance, this presents a roughly even economy.

Yeah, you guys thought I was joking about mule imba. I. Never. Joke.

A failed finishing move on both sides lead to a macro game, with banshee/raven attacks being deflected by mutas which were in turn deflected by thors, but Boldy expanded aggressively against the terran's small, harass focused army and that economic lead powered him to victory.

Antiga Shipyard was the arena for game four. Again Boldy faced a Terran opponent. TheAsianDude opted for a 2 rax bunker rush opening but cross positions plus an early drone scout for Boldy meant drones were pulled and ready when Terran got there. Boldy killed off the push, losing only four zerglings, and both sides powered. After a consolidation period, TheAsianDude pushed again, this time with a marine/blue flame helion force, but newly hatched mutalisks along with banelings cleared it out. From there, Boldy simply built up his muta numbers and rolled over the opponent.

On Tal'Darim Altar, Boldy attempted a nydus rush against the protoss, xOTian. It did not go well.

In-between game four and five:
Fight(in call): Boldy should have this if he plays standard.
Boldy(in chat): Cheese incoming!

Back on Antiga Shipyard, xOTian, playing zerg, now takes on the one and only prOximaar, that foxiest of men. Standard macro game, but playing solely Skyrim for like 2 months apparently isn't good for your macro - I got rolled.

For game seven, OsPzavcakes picked Shakuras Plateau, pitting his Terran against xOTian's Protoss. Gasless expand vs 1 gate expo into a macro game. Tian went for some warp prism harass along with templar tech, but just as his warp prism headed out, a pair of medivacs unloaded in the protoss main. At the same time, zavcakes hit the front with a small force of m&m&m. Tian held that off easily but his main nexus and a huge chunk of probes died before his army got back to deal with the drop. The warp prism - I didn't forget about it, but Tian did - transformed into a reinforcement point for an immediate counter-attack, but zavcakes's defenses stood firm, albeit narrowly, and Tian retreated; he tried a few more protoss shenanigans, but there's only so much you can do when you're outsupplied by 100.

The first match point returned us to Shakuras, with zavcakes's Terran facing another Protoss, named Vanek, in cross positions on the Plateau. Vanek scouted Terran's gasless expansion and dropped his nexus before core in response. Zavcakes followed up with a 4 rax bunker rush, that worked out quite well. Showing some greed, zavcakes took a third during that aggression and got his barracks count up to eight before adding on a factory.

Holy Tech Labs, Batman!

Vanek built some colossi and pushed while taking his third, but zavcakes's early pressure means the Terran mantained the expansion and worker lead, enabling him to hold on despite the tech disadvantage. Vanek set up a small contain, baiting zavcakes into wasting a good chunk of units and evening out the food, and wisely pulled back to consolidate his gains, but he was low on gateways and saw his bankroll skyrocket as zavcakes's army multiplied like rabbits hyped up on carrot coke and viagra. When zavcakes's big push came, Vanek, now sitting on near 2k/2k found himself with an insufficient stalker count (which, incidentally, is a problem you can only have in starcraft and in Hollywood, "God, I don't have enough stalkers!") and watched helpless as viking marauders pillaged his golden beauties (now he knows how my ancestors felt!). In the long standing tradition of sadistic bastards everywhere, after knocking down Vanek's prized laser-shooting tripods and burning down his new mining operation, zavcakes retreated to laugh and put the pictures into a collage which he then set to Rick Astley music and uploaded to Youtube. After achieving 1 million views (roughly one reddit post,) zavcakes takes the game, series and prize for smallest testicles by using a time honored bully manuever: tapping the person on the back of the head (aka, unloading a dropship in the main) to make them turn around and then punching them in the face with a set of brass knuckles (I don't really have to explain this one, do I?).

Thanks to clan xO for the war, would be glad to play you guys again sometimes. Also thanks to everybody who showed up, and congrats to zavcakes and Boldy for taking a pair of games and to Prohan for not choking in game one.

Thanks to you for reading. <3

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Proxiteam Game of the Week Episode 46

Posted by maareek on January 03 2012 09:38

Once upon a time, there was a man. And this man was on a journey, with a singular mission. To bring the awesome, wherever it might be needed. Also, commas.

One day this man's journey brought him to a mountain over a town, where the man sought to place a beacon to shine the awesome upon the townspeople but, having gained the summit after an arduous climb, the man found himself beset by manifestations of that most foul of the nether-region's demons: lame. But the bearer of awesome's light would not be deterred from his sacred task, parrying each blow from the twisted shade until finally an opening appeared and awesome's champion banished the evil back to Optus.

The mountain claimed, the man placed the beacon at the summit's apex, from whence it shown its light upon the good people of prOxiTown forever.
There were some ... issues with getting this episode uploaded. Damn haders ulways bez hadin nomsain.

Extra special episode this time around, as I have a special guest for the commentary. Game was one of Prohan's PvTs, hot off the korean server. Enjoy, or don't; I'm not demanding.

Remember to send in your replays. Or I'll have James Whelan sneak into your house at night and touch you. Unless you're into that, in which case I'll prevent him from sneaking into your house and touching you. More of my famed flexibility - who says prison isn't useful?

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Scary GM on NA

Posted by Waesnok on December 27 2011 07:54

Our own prOxiScary got in to grandmaster league just now. Everyone please congratulate him for being the first in the team to get there. I was going to post an image but it seems that maar has changed his imageshack password :P.

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Proxiteam Game of the Week Episode 45

Posted by maareek on December 19 2011 18:27

So the other day I check my email and see something unusual. A message from a certain prOxiFight, containing a replay ... and a request. A request for a return of the game of the week. How could I say no?

Sexy TvZ action going down on Shakuras Plateau, with Fight putting on a clinic on how to climb back into a game. Also how to walk into fungal after fungal after fungal, holy fack son. Wanna see it? Then clicky on the linky.

Youtube was kind enough to remove the 15 minute upload limit, which is good because uploading to blip was going to be a complete pain.

Enjoy, or don't, but leave a comment either way and please send me more replays so I can do more games of the week! <3

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James 'WheeLz' Whelan

Posted by Veom on November 15 2011 20:01

Once upon a time there was this boy. And his name was James Whelan. Poor James Whelan was a problem child and his parents just couldn't take it. But they didn't have the heart to throw him out so they build him a little shed in the backyard, complete with a washer and dryer, which he calls momma and daddy.

But still, they loved little James Whelan, arrogant prick that he was, so they did the best they could for him: they bought him SC2. And he was happy! Until he realized he couldn't play it on the washing machine. So, after spending many nights "burping the worm" for some of the more near sighted local men, James Whelan was able to put together his own computer and, finally, play some Starcraft.

It was a hard road for James Whelan, as James Whelan now called himself, having to battle against latency, scorpions and his siblings trying to steal clothing from his parents, but he prevailed, eventually running across the members of prOxiteam. For most people, it would be a harrowing night of horrors to be quickly forgotten, but for James Whelan, it was like a beacon home.

James Whelan felt at home with the filthy miscreants of prOxiteam, quickly piling up game time like a hipster piles up multi-colored sneakers (with the socks to match, omg! let's grab up the shades, too!) despite most of us having the fashion sense of Steven Q Urkel (yes, dwain, I've seen the pics). Over time, James Whelan's control over the Swarm grew, as did his place in the cold, moss-ridden hearts of his future clanmates. Unfortunately for James Whelan, having a place in the heart of a prOxiteam member mostly leads to being insulted, degraded and then left out in the backyard, alone. Which is probably why James Whelan feels at home with us.

Welcome to your new family, James Whelan. Now hand me my socks.

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Happy Birfday Maarzipan!!!

Posted by Bobotastic on October 19 2011 10:39

In the desolate areas of Northern Florida dwelled a being unlike any other. He fed off the fear of his local denizens while listening to Alizee. He first began his plan to conquer the world in ezpz fashion by owning the denizens of There, he honed his BW skills to become a D+ player, quite an accomplishment in a forum full of trolls. With the exception of one player, who would become his ultimate challenge: CdL)misclick. But misclick was no match for the maarzipan. All maarzipan had to do was turn on Oblivion to ezpz this nub C player.

Then maar set his eyes on new victims with his young Zerg padawan to assist in any of mischievous deeds. This was when he met prOxi.swAMi on the PGTour ladder, and after beating swAMi's only TvP build that had 99% win-rate, maarzipan got an invite to join the team. Within hours of his evil plot, the mastermind had already been integrated into the team with his young padawan soon to join 1 year later.

However, maarzipans worst enemy came to stop his plan for world domination: age. As he got older, so did his priorities, hindering his ability to conquer the universe and his plan to force every baby to be named fOximaar and his plan to make Alizee his queen. Now, over 9000 years old, legend has it that the maarzipan will soon return, ready to take your wife, your kids, and your turtles. Be wary my friends, be wary, for *drum roll*


Happy birthday man :).

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