Any old proxiers about?

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Australia August 28 2012 15:27Posts: 2
Any old proxi crackers hanging about? Finally been getting into sc2 and i see the proxi forum is dead/inactive. QQ.

anyways, much love to dwain/pete/truk/je/beater/maar/clash/thana if any of you guys are still around.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam August 28 2012 18:13Posts: 1000
Bon! How you doing? :) (swami here)

truk was playing for a bit recently but I think he stopped. Pete rarely comes on. I try to get online most nights if I can (difficult now that I have a wife & kid). Maar getse on a bit, and clash used to but haven't seen him in ages. Thana has been off the radar since bw. Jarc doesn't play anymore I think. :o

Welcome back, you can find us on the north american server in channel Proxiteam
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam August 28 2012 18:27Posts: 1000
You can expect activity to pick up again once HotS comes out though ;)
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN
Australia August 29 2012 15:42Posts: 2
you'll have to teach me some sc2 dwain, currently derping in plat with z/t. QQ. Great to hear your a father now mate. its been far too long. still play any fighters? i remember having some great sets with you back in vanilla.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam September 18 2012 18:10Posts: 1000
I wish I could still play fighters, mate. I moved house and the internet is fucking turds in the area where I live so I now only have a 4G wireless USB modem which I just use on my PC. Quite annoyed coz I always wanted to play super sfiv arcade but never could justify it without a good internet connection. My fightstick probably has an inch-thick layer of dust on it by now :(
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN
Canada October 03 2012 09:57Posts: 132
Hiyo bonbon :)

I'm actually slowly getting back into SC2, Ubisoft MIGHT be interested in the upcoming AHGL, so I'd wanna be in shape for that :)

But yeah, I only play a handfull of games per week, usually at work during my lunch break, so I'm not on very often.
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Mexico November 09 2012 23:45Posts: 4
nice to see this team still alive :D
Canada November 12 2012 18:25Posts: 1
Australia January 07 2013 06:32Posts: 225
<3 bon :D coming back for HotS?
United States March 08 2013 21:13Posts: 202
BON! <3
maarzipan. Melts in your mouth and in your hand. NEWSWRITER
Australia March 09 2013 07:07Posts: 225
United States March 09 2013 11:37Posts: 202
I'll be evolving soon, bro.
maarzipan. Melts in your mouth and in your hand. NEWSWRITER

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