Favourite HotS race?

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Australia April 10 2013 21:30Posts: 225
Those of us loyal to the game will have played a bunch of games by now. Those who haven't - F10 n (or F10 e s q) or just alt f4 a lot.

Has anyone made any drastic race swaps since the release? The game has changed a bit for sure.
I enjoy playing Terran more than I used to due to mines, hellbats and reaper fixes. Dropships/medivacs are even more effective than before, which is pretty brutal when used correctly...they basically force flying counters now, whereas before you could get away with blink/others.

Protoss air is now amazing, and I find myself getting torn between air, robo or temp tech. The amount of spellcasters available to toss now is pretty crazy, but quite hard to manage more than 2-3 of them in different encounters. Tempest are awesome...I pretty much never make carriers now. Voids are also a shitload more useful than before. All in all, toss are just cooler than before.

I think zerg are awesome (always have)! Having burrow before lair is super fun. Hosts are great to force a response from the opponent, and I find myself wishing any infestors I make were actually defil....I mean vipers. Viper/ultra/ling is damn strong these days, and I just love seeing zerg swarm run straight through stuff.

As for a favourite...............I STILL CAN'T DECIDE! they're all just too awesome. Probably still leaning towards toss and zerg over terran, but am quite happy with random for the near future! :)

All in all, loving the expansion, think they've done very well and can't wait to see what comes out of the pro league!
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam April 14 2013 07:44Posts: 427
Still a Terran man myself. My race history is as follows:

Zerg during my first few months of joining the internet world and brood war.
Protoss because my rivals after the first few months of playing told me I was good with protoss. (what I didn't realise was that Protoss is the easiest race to play at that level.
I continued to play Protoss until a few months before the sc2 beta came out then switched to Terran because I was getting bored with Protoss.
I played Protoss during the WoL beta for a couple of months then switched to Terran not long before release.
Been playing Terran as my main race ever since.
Timmy - "Making carriers really is a useful talent toi have!"

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