Protoss Timing Pushes and Pressures

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United States August 19 2011 12:41Posts: 91

I've been trying to expand my build list from my standard 3(3 Gate FE, 3 Gate Robo, and 1 Base Collo with PvP) Most of these game besides all PvP, I usually play 30 min macro games as my macro is better than my rushing skill where I usually tend to lose. I'm just looking for some builds/timing pushes that would allow me to win some games under 30 mins and not involve 200/200 armies and 5 base. I've been experimenting with 5-6 Gate blink stalks in PvZ and Maar's DT rush in PvT. Any help would be great! :)
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Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam August 22 2011 21:38Posts: 376
I keep telling you this, but you should figure out the timing pushes for yourself. :D
Get a general knowledge of what units work well in each of the match-ups (I will help you with this)
Then figure out the most effecient and quickest way to utilise these units.

I'll send some replays of my timing pushes, just so you get a general idea of how you execute a timing push.

One thing to note, however, is that timing pushes are not a reactionary build and are a bit of a gamble. If you get cheesed or all-in'd you pretty much have to give up on your original build. And there's always the chance that your opponent will be doing the blind counter to your build. So scouting, and denying scouting is very crucial for these pushes.
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Australia August 22 2011 23:23Posts: 305
prohan, i have a replay i need someone to look at pvz, do u have an email i could send it too? i really cant work out my mistake.

Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam August 23 2011 06:09Posts: 376
I pwn n00bz, and pros too.

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