A new zerg strat for zvp in Lost Temple

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Australia January 08 2011 12:46Posts: 215
As every zerg player knows the cliffs on LT are a pain to deal with when playing against Terran. However in zvp those cliffs rarely come into play. If the toss does forge fe as toss usually does on LT, you can put on pressure by using a nydus and putting it on the cliff. From there i placed two spines from the consequent creep which is produced from the nydus and went hydra roach. With this i can then control about 3 mineral patches and a gas and if they decide to counter attack its easy to withdraw any hydras you left on the cliff.

I reckon this is a pretty good strat which places huge pressure on your opponent.
I dont take credit for this idea as i saw it done by a nGen dude but i thought ill share it with you since it was so unique.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 08 2011 14:27Posts: 427
No reason not to copy those nGen guys. They are all really good players.
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United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 09 2011 18:45Posts: 619
But if you CAN copy it, you should :). Nothing wrong with copying strats from other players, just don't expect to execute with such finesse as well.

It seems like a really good idea actually. Nydus worms are very underused and I would like to see Zerg players use them a lot more often. Nydus worms allow your army to be at multiple places at multiple times and really makes it easier for your units to move around the map, especially in big maps like Shakuras. Imagine it like the warp gate for protoss. All you need is one nydus worm, because off of 1 nydus worm, you can make 10.

Of course its easier said than done, and specifically in Lost Temple, I almost always open with mutalisks, just to take away the threat of Terran drops on my cliff. If I go against a Protoss I don't really worry about cliffs as the most dangerous ranged unit that Protoss has is a colossus, in my opinion.
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