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Australia January 13 2011 14:21Posts: 18
Some people may have come across this before.

I played a P v T last night on jungle basin. I go what I consider standard 2 gate robo and expand. when i get my observer in his base i see his gone what i would have thought was 2 port banshee. Expect this time he comes at me with delayed but 2 cloacked banshees and 2 vikings. this snipes my observer and does a substantial amount of damage. No biggy his on 1 base i am still ok.

Next i get more observers stalkers and a few cannons to defend mineral line. Expand again.

This time he comes at me with like 10 banshees and 4-6 vikings and 1 raven again sniping the observer.
I think you can see where this is going.

How do u combat this as protoss? I find protoss tech switches are so slow. By the time i got another observer in his base its too late to go stargate for phoienex for example. Maybe it's just good on jungle basin because he can easily defend with 2 seige tanks so I would only ever be concerned on jungle basin and no so much on any other map due to the ability to deny his from expanding.

EDIT: Please note I probably lost due to not responding the correct way as it does seem like a stupid build. I suppose I'm looking to see discussion as to what is the correct response. As I write this I suppose maybe high templar would have been good also since in those few secs that u can see the banshees u can feedbak them so they can no longer cloak.
Australia January 13 2011 15:40Posts: 215
snipe the raven before your observer gets sniped?
Australia January 13 2011 16:53Posts: 225
Australia January 13 2011 19:31Posts: 18
As Nape says. He was also saving a lot of scans. At one point i had 3 observers and after sniping the raven he just scanned 3 times.
United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam January 14 2011 18:50Posts: 619
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Australia January 15 2011 03:19Posts: 23
Rofl isnt this just like TLO vs WhiteRA (see Day[9] #233)? I mean WhiteRa still loses but Im sure that stalkers and a lot of phoenix can do it? Or dont even let it get to a dangerous stage?
Australia January 15 2011 06:00Posts: 18
sorry I didn't save the replay.

But I will have to check out that daily thanks for the info.

I suppose on my part I didn't switch i think just because u dont expect it. i'm probably used to people just harrassing a bit with banshees and not do some army compostion based about it.
Canada January 16 2011 10:42Posts: 24
Dont even know what to say, as Cool said take out the raven. Did he expo as well? if not, he has the upper hand untill you get your expo and base going. thats why i dont like going fast expo... but thats just me
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Australia January 27 2011 18:51Posts: 8
Australia February 20 2011 02:34Posts: 27
I've been slaughtered by this strat to as Protoss.. I even put up 2-3 canons at each expo while massive stalker and a few observer but then the banshees just took out the canons 3shots each :I and then my obs were sniped = GG

Only way to defend against maybe 8-12 banshees 2-4 vikings, 1 raven would probably be to stick 2canons with 4-6 stalkers at each base and slowly but safely macro up until you can counter attack forcing your opponant to use his flying ball of units. honestly don't see any other way.. so useless leaving stalkers not doing anything, gl! :)

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