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United States March 30 2011 17:38Posts: 23
Any of you guys done this? Or figured out how to counter it?

10pylon boost 9th probe
12gas scout
gather 50gas for warpgate, then take off gas
boost warpgate
18 3xGateways
2 proxy pylons in their base
2more proxy pylon in their base
4x zealot in their base
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam March 30 2011 22:39Posts: 1000
I've done it in team games.
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN
Australia March 30 2011 23:16Posts: 305
my partner does it in team games also. main counter is to kill the scouting probe hiding in your base i would say.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam May 09 2011 00:00Posts: 376
Often killing the scouting probe in your base can become an impossible task. So the only 100% guaranteed way to counter a korean 4gate is to, by scouting, pick up that your opponent is in fact doing a korean 4gate.
To scout the Korean 4gate you need to pick up how early their gate is and at around 3:50 if they have stopped mining gas. If they have 1 gas geyser and have stopped mining gas then it is most definitely a korean 4gate.
To counter all you need to do is put a few cannons around your nexus (preferably 1 in the mineral line) and keep pumping as many zealots and stalkers as you can. Eventually your opponent will give up or you will have enough stalkers to kite all the zealots.
Never wall off in a PvP unless you are intending to completely wall off thus preventing a probe from entering your base. Instead, keep your buildings as close to your nexus as possible so in the likely chance that you get korean 4gated your cannons can cover your buildings and you do not have to micro your units in 1million places to protect your 2 pylons that are powering everything!
There is absolutely nothing you can do about the 5 pylons they will drop in your base so don't even bother pulling all your shit to deal with it.
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United States May 10 2011 11:14Posts: 23
This is probably way less common with 20sec warpgate increase now...

Yea cannon works, but I kind of have an issue with spending 300+ on static defense that early. So they just dont attack and make probes+2nd gas, and its a more or less typical game. Also have to be careful about buildings being in cannon range.

I've tried simply laying down 2x gate asap when they take off gas and boost units, but this only gives your roughly equal unit numbers, so it mainly seems to come down to micro. Usually it seems you can only kill 3 out of the 4pylons. I have not tested this enough, but it looks like it can work well enough.

Stuff like adelscott and getting 2fast gate with core yourself should obviously work.

Proxy 2gate beats this easy if they dont scout.

2gate forces them to adapt.

walling off so they cant get in your base works, but is typically bad idea in the matchup.

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