Proxiteam vs Zero Limits

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Australia June 10 2011 21:14Posts: 393
Bobo organized a clan war with zl a week ago and we played it today. We had a really good turn out having most of the team ready to play.
However not everyone could play because we had so many people! Its great to see such a big turnout and thank you to everyone who turned up.

The lineup:
  • DropTester
  • Veom
  • LSDiesel
  • BoBo
  • Fight
This was an almost perfect line-up for the team, all master league players ready to get some! Only missing Shroom :(
The Games
DropTester vs zLBowsan
The Shattered Temple
Spoiler - Game report
DropTester spawned in the 6 o'clock position and Bowsan in the 12 o'clock positions slightly favoring Bowsan. DropTester went for a very risky 2 gate expand with only 2 sentries and a zealot. Bowsan scouts the low gateway count and reacts with zerglings. DropTester while in the process of securing his expansion was run over by lings with a roach follow up.
Veom vs zLBowsan
Shakuras Plateau
Spoiler - Game report
I spawned top left and Bowsan spawned top right. I opened 10 pool hoping that he would hatch first. Bowsan over reacted to the early pool and managed to fend it off.

Bowsan managed to secure his expansion before me and went roach. I teched up to lair and went for mutas. Bowsan sent in an overseer and scouted it. I canceled the spire and went for infestors causing again another over reaction of hydras out of Bowsan. Bowsan took a third then pushed, my army folded to his superior upgraded roaches. :(
LSDiesel vs ParadoxiCal
Spoiler - Game report
The players spawned close air positions, LSDiesel opened up hatch first and Paradoxical opened 2 rax. Paradoxical used his two rax to defend. Paradoxical played a very defensive style and was easily over whelmed by LSDiesel's forces
LSDieselvs Naerok
Shakuras Plateau
Spoiler - Game report
The players spawned cross positions, Diesel opened with an 11 pool and Naerok with a hatch first build. LSDiesel wasn't able to capitalize on the early pool and was behind.

Both players played very passive, LSDiesel went for fast infestors and took a 3rd. Naerok took his 3rd before getting infestors. Naerok pushed out with a supply lead of 40 food, but got stuck in the main choke on Shakuras and fungles caught his roaches out of positions. LSDiesel managed to kill Naerok's maxed army and takes the game for proxiteam :).
Bobo vs zLMonumental
The Shattered Temple
Spoiler - Game report
The player spawned cross positions and it was on. Both players payed a very passive style but Monumental pushed out and retreated a few times forcing Bobo to over make lings and get behind in the economy. Bobo when for a very hydra heavy play with a nice timming push before Monumental's storm tech had finished. Bobo then continued to pressure with drops but he eventually fell behind and couldn't kill Monumental's army. This game was really close good one bobo :)
Fight vs zLMonumental
Xel naga caverns
Spoiler - Game report
Monumental went for a 1 gate expand, while fight went for a 2 rax (1 tech lab, 1 reactor) pressure, accompanied by a bunker, and managed to kill Monumental's expansion.
Fight vs Dano
The Shattered Temple
Spoiler - Game report
Players spawned cross positions. Both players opened with the 1-1-1 build.Fight sent out some helions to do some harass which managed to kill a significant alot of SCVs. Fight's banshee did alot more damage than Dano's putting fight in the lead. Fight secured his natural before Dano giving fight a large economic lead.

Fight pushes into Dano's natural and simply overwhelms Dano.
Proxiteam wins 4-3
Australia June 10 2011 21:26Posts: 215
I didn't get to play =(
Australia June 10 2011 22:08Posts: 16
Haha we had some confusion about the format cos everyone thought it was a first to 5 for a bit =P
Fun games to watch though :)
DROPbear =D
United States Rostered Member for Proxiteam June 10 2011 22:11Posts: 619
Almost had my game. Killed his entire base and eco, he just ran me over with his stalker +3 ball of blinking death lol.

GG's and great CW. Really enjoyed it. NEWSWRITER
Australia June 11 2011 00:35Posts: 80
I'll win next time hopefully
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam June 11 2011 00:39Posts: 427
Dano was Terran, you nub.
Timmy - "Making carriers really is a useful talent toi have!"
United States June 11 2011 09:14Posts: 43
GG's! I listened to fight doubt me in bobos archive LOL. Hey and the reason i was sooo late with the counter attack is because my greater spire was almost done and i REALLY wanted some broods ok? just throwing that out there ;)
Australia June 13 2011 19:27Posts: 393
Thanks Dwain for making the formatting good and fixing all my bad spelling :)
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam June 13 2011 19:34Posts: 1000
I didn't fix any spelling, just the formatting :P I don't have time to fix all the spelling mistakes :)
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN

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