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Australia December 21 2011 21:48Posts: 305

Im going to go play in this, ill put some videos and results in this thread after. should be a fun day if anyones around.

some pretty decent players in it (tgun etc) so should be interesting. i think i plan to play random and just to all ins.
Australia Rostered Member for Proxiteam December 22 2011 20:41Posts: 1000
Nice, sounds good! Best of luck to you.
aka swAMi. Melbourne! ADMIN
Australia January 07 2012 17:39Posts: 305
just made it out of my group i think with 2-0 then 0-2 to a rank 6 GM. been fun times so far.
Australia January 07 2012 17:40Posts: 305
oh actually have to play 1 more set tvz to get out
Australia January 07 2012 23:13Posts: 393
nice how did u end up going?
Australia January 08 2012 03:03Posts: 305
ended up getting out of my group with 2-0, 0-2, 2-1.

then got rolled by hut in the elims.

have a lot to work on, want to play in feb again and really try to drill down into 1 or 2 builds per matchup.

i had one match on stream in part two that starts at about 55 mins, my tvt needs some work no doubt.

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